BAMBINO AZZURO - Chest of drawers

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90 cm
80 cm
52 cm
Blue, Gold
Designer | MAX & AUREL


Baby blue luxury - the BAMBINO AZZURO chest of drawers

BAMBINO AZURRO is the luxury chest of drawers by MAX & AUREL for the boy's room.

As artfully restored old furniture, it brings a touch of the good old days into the room, but remains as functional and practical as one is used to from a modern chest of drawers - with an additional overlay for the safety of the children, it can even be used as a changing table or - chest of drawers usable. In this way, it can become an elegant and practical accessory in the first few days after the birth.

The baby blue of the BAMBINO AZURRO chest of drawers is timeless, just like the hand painting and the luxurious gold accents. This truly unique piece will remain a unique companion for the young family for many years.

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