MODENA - Vitrine

vitrine with glass double doors and small gull-wing door 

106 cm
190 cm
50 cm

Purple, Silver

Designer | MAX & AUREL


Extravagance through and through - the MODENA


display case Its unusual shape and its dominant color purple make the MODENA display case a unique exclamation point in the recent furniture design of the designers MAX & AUREL.

This showcase should be the focus. Its strong purple immediately catches the eye, but at the same time creates a calming balance between body and mind.

Again, the MAX & AUREL designers play skillfully with the full effect of a color.

The classic showcase furniture, which you have also restored by hand here, offers the perfect projection surface: a touch of baroque and a hint of the asymmetry of the rococo are combined in the MODENA showcase to perfection.

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