SIRACUSA - Chest of drawers

Chest of drawers with a double door, two doors and a drawer

167 cm
150 cm
54 cm

Turquois, Brown 

Designer | MAX & AUREL


Sicilian Baroque - the SIRACUSA chest of drawers


The baroque has always been a little more splendid in one place than elsewhere - in Sicily in the coastal city of Syracuse. With the SIRACUSA chest of drawers, the designers at MAX & AUREL celebrate this striking baroque variant. Its special layout already shows it to be a unique collector's item.

In addition, MAX & AUREL gave it a lot of new shine with a little historical patina during its restoration.

The hand-colored wood now develops a perfect antique look and the turquoise accents and decorations create a matching contrast with the effect of old bronze patina - a chest of drawers for those who love something special.

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