BARLETTA - Vitrine

vitrine with two glass doors and a lower box with gull-wing door

99 cm
154 cm
46 cm

Blue, Gold

Designer | MAX & AUREL
Verwendete Materialien | Holz, Glas, Farben

The Divine - the BARLETTA showcase


The combination of blue and gold was already considered a symbol of the divine in ancient Egypt and has since graced many portraits and insignia of great queens and kings. With the BARLETTA showcase, this splendid color combination is now being given an effective reinterpretation by the designers at MAX & AUREL. She revels through and through in shades of blue and different blue painting techniques, while at the same time, richly hand-applied gold around the glass cabinet doors attracts attention. Even without any content, this intense play of colors knows how to fascinate again and again and offers an extraordinary, stylish eye-catcher for a long time.


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